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Thursday, February 26, 2015


I received an email from Dream in Color last night. There are new colours of Classy Mini-Skeins coming in about two weeks. This group of 25 colours is going to bright, cheery Spring colours. Cathy is going to be happy. Now she will have an excuse to knit another Technicolor Cowl. Rumour has it that she was looking at colours to make another one on Saturday.

We've been rearranging garments and found our Kalinda shawl knit in Classic Elite Cerro. The pattern is available in a book (#1402 Sunny Day) or you can buy the individual pattern on Ravelry.
A triangular shawl worked from the center top to long lower edge in a sampling of eyelet stitches.

A few more patterns from the Sunny Day pattern book.
A lacy wrap with large tassels added to each of the corners for a whimsical flair.

There is a cute summer top in the book as well - Abelona.
Lace panels combine with openwork mesh for a light and airy summer smock top.
Purchase the pattern on Ravelry... 
Cerro is a blend of soft pima cotton and alpaca that creates a yarn with drape and excellent stitch definition.
85% pima cotton
15% alpaca

24 stitches = 4" on 3.5mm needles
135m / 150 yards on a 50 gram skein

And then I found a free pattern from a Classic Elite Web-Letter.
The Kudzu Shawl by Rachel Henry is one of the Web-Letter’s greatest hits. The clever way the braided cables at the top grow into rows of leaves, flowing from one tier to the next makes it an irresistible knit for lace lovers. A quick click through of projects on Ravelry brings up beautiful modifications too – more leaves, and beads!
Download the pattern...
Beth and I snuck into the house today. The fireplace is taking shape. Now we are waiting for the stone to be put on face. We chose the stone from a very small sample and are anxiously waiting to see how it looks on a large surface. 

I need to sign off and head back to the store. I forgot the cord to my computer. UGH! I've never done that before and it makes me mad. I'm wasting time that could be spent knitting. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Azalea is a beautiful, delicate printed DK weight 100% cotton, feminine, pretty and romantic, ideal for open lacy textures and stitches, totally, utterly, simply delicate.
240m in a 100gram ball
22 stitches = 4" on 4mm needles

$19.95 a ball - but remember that a ball goes a long way. A long sleeved sweater or cardigan is taking 4 or 5 balls.
Louisa Harding has a new yarn, Azalea, for spring. There is a pattern book with 14 amazing designs in the yarn.

I'm writing early today. It's a big TV night and I need to be ready. Survivor and The Amazing Race. I don't think it can get any better. I'm almost to the next section on Ley Lines. Should happen tonight. I wish I could knit faster. I really need it done :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We have a winner

Cathy, Lynn and Beth did the draw for those who donated to the Food Drive on Friday afternoon. Congratulations to Barbara H. who won an amazing gift basket of yarn, needles, books, basket, accessories and the suitcase.

We collected $425 and a lot of food. Thank you to everyone who donated!! You guys rock.

I think that we will be getting warmer weather sooner or later so it's time to get ready for it.

Here is a great spring/summer scarf from Classic Elite.

This garter stitch based mesh stitch scarf would work well in any number of yarns, but it is particularly pleasing in our newest yarn, Sandpiper. 
Sandpiper is the perfect weight for a cotton: not so bulky as to be heavy and not too lightweight as to take forever to knit. The most interesting aspect of Sandpiper is its color – 5 shades are space-dyed in each strand, in short bursts of color, then 8 strands are plied together. Highlights and shadows occur organically as the colors in each of the 8 plies interact. From a distance, Sandpiper looks solid colored but up close the 5 hues dance and mingle, adding depth and interest. The most amazing aspect of Sandpiper: despite all the color play, due to similar values in each combination of colors, Sandpiper shows texture and lace beautifully! 
Sandpiper's softness and drape, combined with its subtle undulating color changes, make the ideal summery scarf. Change the stitch count, in multiples of 4 stitches, to alter the width and make a skinnier scarf or wider stole. 

Lynn and I are getting ready to redress the mannequins into bright spring colours. We need some bright to put cheer into these long cold days. 

I really like how Ley Lines looks on my friend.
It's cold, blowing and snowing here right now. That means sitting on the couch and knitting tonight. I have so many projects that I want to get finished for the Knitter's Frolic.

Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Cold in Canada

Wow. It was cold when I got off the plane. I thought about staying on it because it was heading back to Myrtle. However, the weather there doesn't look good either.
A chance of snow is expected before 10 a.m. Tuesday and then snow and sleet between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. before sleet will persist through the evening, according to the forecast for the Grand Strand.
They've cancelled school for tomorrow. A snow day for almost no snow. Sounds good to me. If you are there on vacation this week you aren't very happy.

There wasn't much knitting last night and I didn't knit on the plane so no progress to show. Thank you Rowan for giving me pretty pictures to show. There are new patterns available for purchase on Ravelry. These are in Rowan's new spring yarns.

Knit this pretty ladies vest, designed exclusively for Knitrowan by Lisa Richardson. Using Tetra Cotton, a unique modern construction of four shades (cotton), this round neck vest has a ladder stitch rib section and garter stitch edgings.
Purchase the pattern... 

Knit this ladies stylish round neck vest, designed exclusively for Knitrowan by Lisa Richardson. Using our wonderful draping yarn Cotton Lustre (linen, cotton and nylon), this round neck top is perfect for layering over a shirt or blouse.
Purchase the pattern...

Knit this ladies loose fitting cardigan, designed exclusively for Knitrowan by Sarah Hatton. Using our wonderful draping yarn Cotton Lustre (linen, cotton and nylon), this cardigan has a waterfall draping front, lace section and garter stitch edgings.
Purchase the pattern... 

Knit this ladies simple dress, designed exclusively for Knitrowan by Lisa Richardson. Using Tetra Cotton, a unique modern construction of four shades (cotton), this v neck dress is worked in two sections with the bodice knitted in a simple rib and the skirt in stocking stitch.
Purchase the pattern... 

Stay warm tonight. Thank goodness for wool sweaters!!

Read more here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hello from Myrtle Beach

I'm not looking forward to flying home tomorrow. It looks like it's going to be really cold. I have boots, mittens and my winter coat with me. I'm afraid that I'm going to be digging out the truck at the airport. I am prepared though. There is a shovel in the truck :)

The weather here is warming up. The first night was freezing. And there was no heat in the house. They couldn't get it fixed. Apparently the furnace is wired all wrong so they need parts and are coming back tomorrow. I slept here Friday night with the taps dripping in the bathrooms. Just to make sure that the pipes didn't freeze. I came up with a little trick. I put the blankets and my pjs in the dryer before bed. It was warm and toasty.

I spent the day with mom and dad yesterday and today. We watched TV. Ran to the flea market to buy flags for the front of the store. That was an experience. Had some great meals. And lots of time to talk with mom and dad. I also squeezed in a quick visit to the quilt shop. Many of you tell me that you have enough yarn at home. I'm the same with quilt fabric. I have enough but you can always use more.

And I did some knitting. Here is Ley Lines.

I love the pattern and the Serenity Silk Single from Zen Yarn Garden is a dream to knit with.

I'm in cleaning mode while writing. I keep jumping up to do laundry or the dishes. My flight is at 9am so dad is picking me up at 7. Way too early but I'd rather sit at the airport than have to run for my plane.

After I hit Publish, I'm going to knit for an hour or so. Just to relax myself before bed.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Hello Myrtle Beach

The day has started out crazy and has continued to be that way.

Beth called me at 7:30 this morning to say that she was at her warehouse and the pipes were frozen. She woke up at 5am with a bad feeling and she was right. Luckily she caught it before they burst and all is good at her work.

She freaked me out so I had to stop at the store before heading to the airport. No problems but better to be sure before heading off and Cathy getting to work at noon and finding the store flooded.

Now I was way behind schedule. I drove very fast to the border. Thankfully there was no one else crossing and I arrived at the airport early enough. Or so I thought. The regular lot was full so you have to park off site. I parked, got in the van to the airport and we sat for 20 minutes. Again, thankfully it was a small airport with only 2 flights leaving so there was no security line. I made it to the gate just in time.

Here is my ride

I had a row to myself on the plane so I watched an episode of Elementary and knit.

Mom and dad met me at the airport and we had lunch before heading home. To meet the furnace repair man. We have two furnaces for the house. One is working (upstairs and my bedroom) and the other isn't (the rest of the house). We also had a visit from the alarm company to fix the alarm. The house is falling apart :)

We're heading for dinner soon and then I might be moving in with mom and dad for the night. We'll see how cold the house is later.

It's really cold here today. One of my parent's neighbours had a water line break in their house this morning. What a mess. This is how my dad is walking around.

I took this quickly without him seeing me. He is in a toque. We're in the south. It's supposed to be warm. Not below freezing.

I'm not complaining because I know you are cold at home. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow for you.

Have a good evening. I'm going to knit :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ready to go

I'm leaving early in the morning for Myrtle Beach. The house is clean. I'm packed - carry on so there isn't a lot to put in the bag. The most important thing is my knitting. Remember that when you are going on a trip you get to start a new project. I started Ley Lines in Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single. The colour is convergence and is brand new in the store.
While I'm writing an email came through from Netflix. The next season of House of Cards starts next Friday. If you haven't watched the first two seasons, I highly recommend the show.

It's time for bed. I want to be on the road early just in case there is a line up at the border. If I'm early it means quiet time to sit and knit at the airport.