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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Home Again

The Bambara Wrap is growing. People were looking at me in the airport when I laid it out for pictures. My knitting bag (thank you Cathy) was perfect for the trip.

I was able to knit more rows on the plane. I should be to the last colour by the end of the week. Then it will have to be put aside for a few days while I start What the Fade?! Are you joining the MKAL (mystery knit a long)? I need to pick my colours.
I had a great time but it's good to be home.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wannietta is Fading

Don't forget that the store is closed tomorrow (Tuesday August 22) and will reopen on Wednesday morning. My time away has been very good and I'm refreshed and ready for fall. The Knitters' Fair will be here before we know it.
Wannietta sent a picture yesterday of So Faded. I'm hoping that there will be another picture tomorrow with the next colour. She says that she knits fast :)
Sorry for the ugly carpet photo. It's the only place where I have natural light. I tried lying the shawl out on the bed but that didn't work.
I went for a walk this morning and there were many people on the street getting pictures of the eclipse. I didn't have glasses so I didn't want to look up. I took the picture over my shoulder. It's really cloudy here and it doesn't look like anything but I can say I was outside :) I'm in the room waiting to check in for tomorrow's flight and then I'm heading out for another walk....... It's many hours later and I'm back from my walk. I've walked 12km today so I'm having a treat - a piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Then a nap. I've been up since 5:30. Happy knitting tonight!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Holiday Knitting

I got a bit of knitting accomplished on the plane and then this morning. 
I have a very comfortable chair to knit in.
The display in the lobby of Aria was fun. It must be hard to keep coming up with new and different.
Now it's time for a nap. It's only 5:15 here and I've been walking all day. I'm over 15,000 steps today. I'll get up for Big Brother at 8 and then some dinner. Pancakes at The Pantry. I know - weird having pancakes for dinner but they are so good. And I don't eat pancakes at home so it's a treat.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

North Sea

Today's post is earlier than usual. I will be closing the store at 4, running home to let the dogs out (Beth is golfing) and then dad is picking me up for the airport. By the time I land I don't think I'll want to sit down and write.

The patterns in Marie Wallin's new book, North Sea, are amazing.
See all the patterns...
This new book is a collection inspired by the traditional fisherman knit and is a celebration of nautical cables and Celtic twists, complimented by Nordic inspired Fair Isle. The 8 designs are knitted using Rowan yarn, mainly Felted Tweed (my favourite!) and their new Valley Tweed, which will be out in the shops mid July. We photographed NORTH SEA on Unst, the most northerly of the Shetland Islands…a beautiful, wild and remote place.

An order of Lykke needles is on the way. Double pointed needle sets as well as sets of crochet hooks. I think we'll see them late in the week.

I'm packed and ready to go. I'll try and blog while I'm away. My flight back is early Tuesday afternoon and the store will open again at 10am on Wednesday.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Brushed Fleece

The book hasn't arrived yet - it should be in the store at the beginning of September. Rowan is doing something different this fall. The main magazine (#62) is only available in print version. The mini magazines like this one can be purchased in the store or you can purchase it online as a download. You can also purchase individual, downloadable patterns online.

The patterns for Brushed Fleece are available for purchase on Ravelry.

Did you know that Rowan has a new website?
Harper - Lynda is going to knit this as a store sample in Fog.

We are going to be carrying Rowan Brushed Fleece this fall. I couldn't resist the new colours - they are in stock. I wonder which one I want to knit with??
269 Dawn
Brushed Fleece is a super-soft blend of 65% extra fine merino wool, 30% baby alpaca and 5% polyamide. It boasts a rich colour palette, ranging from muted jewel tones to pretty, natural shades. The yarn has a soft marl colour effect and is quick to knit due to its chunky weight, making it very wearable, cosy and lightweight - perfect for those warming winter knits.
270 Hush
271 Fog
273 Rock

I have an airplane quandary. I made it too far on my shawl. Now I will have to take three balls with me. I need the 'pop' colour and then the next contrast colour because I should get far enough in the air. Do I want to take 3 balls? Okay, the better question is do I have enough room for 3 balls?
I'm obsessed with the colours and the pattern. Do I need a clean shirt for Sunday and Monday? (That was just a joke - I'll have too many clothes with me, I always do). Or do I take a few balls of Noro Kureyon for my Log Cabin Afghan? I'll change my mind at least 4 times before we leave for the airport.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Show and Tell

Alex has started my Dotted Rays, Speckled Fade. I love it. I think she should forget about sleeping until it's finished :)
She knit a baby blanket for a friend and then made this little guy to go along with the gift. The Monkey Jacobus (pattern purchased on Ravlery) is so cute. The pattern is very well written and he's easier to knit than you think.

My blog post got even easier when Heather and Debbie dropped in today. Thanks ladies for sharing your projects.
A bag (from Hedgehog) filled with two Find Your Fades and one So Faded.
Heather's Find Your Fade. Very delicate and very pretty.
Debbie's Find Your Fade. It started to rain so I rushed. The picture doesn't do her shawl justice. I hope she'll bring it back on her next visit so I can try again. Or take it :)
What do you do with the leftovers? A So Faded sweater. This shows the colours better.

Rowan #62 arrived this afternoon. I didn't have time to open it. Tomorrow morning with a cup of tea.
North Sea by Marie Wallin was also in the box.

Now it's time for laundry. I'm flying to Vegas on Saturday night after the store closes. I'll be back Tuesday evening (that is why the store is closed on Tuesday) and will be back to work on Wednesday.  This is going to be a new adventure for me - I'm going to pack in my carry on bag. No suitcase. I don't know what I'll do if I buy shoes while I'm there :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pull out your mini skeins

Ambah has a new pattern - Xandra Wrap.
Let your inner artist out to play with a fun, colourful knit.  
Xandra Wrap can be knit in 3 main colours with a 4th colour pop, or choose a palette of partial or mini-skeins from your stash and create a unique masterpiece as striking or as subdued as you desire. Garter stripes alternate with a lovely, simple-to-knit lace while regular colour changes keep you hooked as you eagerly anticipate the next combination. There’s no complicated shaping to keep track of - simple increases and decreases form a biased wrap that is as easy to wear as it is entertaining to knit.

For the first 24 hours Xandra will be today’s featured pattern in my #knitaugust promotion, enjoy an automatic 50% off through midnight August 17 (in your time zone) 
Following this, there will be my usual 20% introductory offer through Midnight August 20. Just add the pattern to your cart to see the discount!
I was at the dentist at 8 this morning because I lost a filling. The freezing is killing my sinuses. I don't want to put away yarn or tidy or anything so I'm going to knit for a while :) Knitting cures all!!

That was written at 10 this morning. It's almost 9pm and I haven't touched my knitting. It was a busy day in the store and I accomplished a lot on Camp. Today I asked suppliers to borrow sample garments. We do a fashion show on Friday evening and I don't repeat garments from year to year. We need new and exciting! I was also working on goodie bags.

Every Camper receives an amazing bag full of patterns, accessories and whatever my suppliers want to donate. They are very generous!

I've been emailing with Ambah while I've been working. She has made an awesome donation to the goodie bags. I asked her to slow down on her designing because I can't keep up with her :)

I was going to hold my post until after an hour of knitting but I don't want you to miss out on the discount for Ambah's pattern.