Scarf Yarns

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Arriving in Style

This is how to arrive at Camp. Nancy and Lorna sat in the back seat and knit while Wayne drove them. Then he unloaded the car. Lucky ladies.
Sally's students were very attentive this morning.
We had the fashion show after dinner last night and I totally forgot to finish my post. It's Saturday morning and fall has hit. It was 4C here. Sweater weather. The lake was very pretty.
The ladies are in class. I sat in on the first 10 minutes of Sally's class and learned a lot. Fiona is teaching cables and I'm heading to hear her great cable tips.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday at Camp

   It was beautiful this morning. Knitting outside would have been fun but I was setting up the yarn shop.
The yarn shop is ready to go and now I'm waiting for the Campers to arrive. 
I think they are going to like their goodie bags.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Let the games begin

Fiona arrived at Camp in style this afternoon.
The lake was very quiet we when got here. It's good to be back. The van is unloaded and we're ready to set up a yarn store tomorrow. The goodie bags are finished. Wow. Our suppliers are awesome.
Now a bit of knitting and then a good nights sleep.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We're ready to go

I wound skeins of Hedgehog last night and have cast on anther Outline. It was very hard to set it down at 11 last night and go to bed.

The van is packed so tonight is about laundry and finding clothes that I am going to wear this weekend.
Door prizes and clothes are covering the table waiting to be packed in the morning.

There wasn't enough knitting tonight to warrant pictures. Hopefully tomorrow there will be time to sit by the lake and knit.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Knitting Love

Outline is totally finished including blocking. The Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibres block beautifully.

Blocking doesn't have to be a lot of work. I'm a lazy blocker. I soaked the shawl in Soak for about 15 minutes. I drained the sink and gently pushed on the shawl to remove the excess water. I rolled it in a towel for an hour to get out most of the water out. Then I laid it out on a fresh towel. I didn't pin it. At the beginning you need to change the towel fairly often because it can get pretty wet but as the shawl starts to dry you can change the towel less frequently. It took about 30 hours to dry.
I love the shawl so much that there are four skeins at home waiting to be wound. I'm making another one.
While this was drying I finished Hitchhiker. I love this one too.

While I was winding skeins of Skinny Singles, I was soaking Hitchhiker in the new Pineapple Grove Soak. I am in love. The laundry room smells amazing. My sewing room smells amazing!!

I totally forgot to change the blog and Facebook to say that we are open on Mondays again.

Our hours until the end of March are

Monday - Thursday 10-5:30
Friday noon-7
Saturday 10-4
Sunday Closed

Sunday, September 18, 2016


I finished casting off my Hitchhiker this morning. Just over a week. Not too bad.
I really wish I had a mannequin at home. I tried hanging the scarf on the fence but that didn't work. The colours are a bit off - the end of the scarf is more orange than yellow. I'll get pictures tomorrow after someone sews the ends in for me. :)
Someone can get up on the bed now. She is very proud of herself. She doesn't sleep in the bed but mom and dad wake up in the morning and Lucy is snuggled in between them.
She's my dad's baby. He weighed her last Saturday and she was 61 lbs.

The store is a bit of a mess - we're packing for Camp. For the past few years we unpacked from the Knitters' Fair and had Camp the next weekend. This year we put a week in between. I'm not sure if that was good or bad. Getting ready has been more relaxed but I'm ready to get going. And there are boxes everywhere. If you haven't been to Camp then you might be wondering what I'm talking about. We do a fashion show on Friday evening. That means 40-50 garments. We also set up a mini yarn shop. Kits for the fashion show garments. Needles. Books. Then there are the amazing goodie bags that everyone gets. Oh yeah, the door prizes. Our suppliers are very generous.

If you're coming to Camp, make sure you watch the Camp blog for information...

I brought home a Mountain Colors Perspective kit and am making another Hitchhiker. Perfect Camp knitting.
There would have been more knitting today but I was in charge of the converter. Beth has it now so I'm good to go.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hitchhiker times 4

I made it to the fourth colour this morning. I highly recommend Hitchhiker if you are looking for a mindless project that looks great. I'm having fun using the gradient kit and have my eyes on another one when this one is finished.
Sarah just sent me a text.
Ball 3 started. 2 to go! Amazing how the colours blend. At first you don't even notice a difference.
It looks like she's having fun knitting the scarf too.

This was the post that I started Friday afternoon and was going to post last night. It didn't happen so I'm going to add to it.

Wannietta sent a picture this morning.
Not blocked yet, but it's done. I really love it.
I can't wait to see it in person. I really thought that I had a chance at beating her but she is too fast.
I made it to the fifth ball. I had to be quick getting the picture - the rain had stopped but the trees were dripping on me and the knitting. I think it should be finished tonight. One week. I'll get at least one more finished before the Fleece Festival.
Cathy just started her third ball. She is using a Frabjous kit like Wannietta and Lynn. Her colours are going green to turquoise.

Now I need to go play with the Hedgehog. I can't decide which colours I want but I know that I need some.