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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Yummy wool and silk

There are three free patterns from Louisa Harding using her new Amitola Grande.
I have designed three quick holiday projects to knit, each using just one 100g ball of Amitola Grande, perfect to gift or knit for yourself! Just follow this link to download the patterns and get knitting.

The patterns are free, however if you would like to make a donation to Cancer Research please follow this link:

Amitola Grande is a luxurious silk and wool blend self-striping yarn.
80% merino wool
20% silk

250m on a 100gram ball

$29.95 a ball.

Blogging is a bit frustrating right now. In a very good way. I have lots to tell you but I need to divide the posts up or I would have a really long post with too many pictures. Right now I have posts written for Sunday and Monday. Things could change though if something new comes up like free patterns or a finished project.

Last week I took home a skein of Malabrigo Rasta and was going to knit a cowl. The colour has been calling my name. I was working on Thursday afternoon when the phone rang. "I'm home from work and my scarf is finished. There is a skein of Rasta on the counter. What is it for? Can I use it? I left my iPad at mom and dad's so I'm using yours. And I'm logged into your Ravelry account. You have a cowl in your favourites called the Textured Cowl. Can I use the skein and make that?" There went my skein. Beth made the cowl and I love the colours even more.
I took it outside for pictures along with a few other things. I didn't want to throw it on the ground when I was done so I put it on. It is so warm.

Lynn brought in her Ombre Cowl Hood this morning. It looks great.
Pattern: Ombre Cowl Hood (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze in 605, 664 and 659
Here is mine so far. It has a totally different look in the Kidsilk Haze Stripe.

I unpacked a box yesterday afternoon that was full of Knitter's Pride needles and accessories. This pattern holder (available in two sizes) will make your life much easier. 

This indispensable pattern holder is a handy way to keep and display patterns and charts while working on a project. Useful for all knitters, but a “must-have” for lace knitters, especially
Convenient tool for keeping patterns close and easy to read
Easy to fold and unfold for storage; Lays flat when folded
Can stand upright when folded open, vertically or horizontally
Snap closure insures that materials inside stay neat and put
Extremely strong magnets keep patterns and/or charts in place
One extra long magnet strip also works as an indicator guide
Handy pocket holds patterns and charts
Pen pocket keeps marker close at hand
Black poly-jacquard fabric is sturdy and easy to keep clean
Small Size:
Dimensions (in open position): 35cm x 26.25cm (14" x 10½")
Dimensions (in folded position): 17.5cm x 26.25cm (7" x 10½")
Large Size:
Dimensions (in open position): 50cm x 30cm (20" x 12")
Dimensions (in folded position): 25cm x 30cm (10" x 12")
Now back to work. The store is open - we have customers to help and shelves to straighten.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Tough Love Sock from SweetGeorgia is making it's way across Canada to us. Right now the scheduled delivery date is Tuesday (December 1).
A perfect blend of warmth and strength to make a hardwearing sock yarn that can stand up to your affection and abuse. Tough Love Sock is our best-selling yarn and knits up beautifully into fine-gauge sweaters, small shawls, as well as socks! Spun from 80% superwash and super soft merino and 20% nylon, this 3-ply yarn is so versatile — knit it firmly for hard wearing socks, knit it loosely for drapey shawls, or knit it doubled for a great worsted weight substitute. Suggested gauge for sock knitting: US 0-1 (2-2.25mm) | 8 sts/1″
390m (425 yards) on a 100gram skein

$30 a skein

Choosing colours was very hard. Felicia has many, many beautiful colours. I chose a few colours and then I went with SweetGeorgia's best selling colours.
We love the Party of Five Tough Love Sock kits and there will be many colourways in the shipment.
From SweetGeorgia
We’ve been indulging in colour since 2005 and in celebration of our 10-year anniversary, we’ve made these very special gradient mini-skein kits! These five-colour gradient sets are currently available in Tough Love Sock. Each set contains five 105-yard mini-skeins for a total of 525 yards.

One kit will make Soft Twilight -  a new pattern than you can purchase on Ravelry
Delicate slipped stitches and beginner cables meander across the fabric of this asymmetrical shawl, creating a beautiful, airy effect. The subtle shift of colours from our Party of Five set captivates our attention, reminding us of the soft hues that dance the snow at twilight.

The kits aren't here yet but you can be prepared. SweetGeorgia is offering a discount on their patterns (including Sweet Twilight) for a few days.
We want to give thanks to all of YOU who have allowed us at SweetGeorgia to spend our days creating colours for you to enjoy and express your creativity.

Starting this Friday, November 27 until Monday, November 30 (Pacific Standard Time!), we are offering 40% off all patterns purchased through our website and on Ravelry:

enter the coupon code "BLACK2015" at checkout

Find the perfect pattern to kick off your holiday making, or start something just for yourself once all the holiday festivities are cleared away.
I just tried the code and it's working. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boy am I dumb

I might scream. I did it again. The post was started in the store and finished at home. I came to work and reset the post. Oh my goodness. As my mom would say "Boy am I dumb!" The day started out so well. I went to the license bureau and there was no one there. No one. I thought I'd be there for an hour and it was five minutes. I came to work early to get mail orders packed. I found yarn that I couldn't find yesterday. It was going so well. I'm going to try and rewrite my post and then sit down and have a tea. Maybe I can get the day back on track.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border. I'm celebrating with you - a turkey sandwich for lunch. The TV is on and I'm watching football and knitting.

I cast on some easy knitting last night. The Ombre Cowl Hood in double strand Kidsilk Haze Stripe. I'm using colour 361. And it's a good thing I had something mindless last night. Survivor was great. The blindsides happening at tribal council this season are awesome. Some seasons the tribal councils are so boring and you know who is going to be voted out. This time you are on the edge of your seat.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Samples

Diana stopped by last night with a new shawl for the store.
Pattern: Rosa Rosae (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Party of Five Tough Love Sock kit
Rosa Rosae is a crescent shawlette worked from the neck down in fingering weight yarn. It can be knit in a variety of sizes making it truly adaptable.

My Ombre Cowl Hood is blocked, dried and ready for the cold weather.

There will be a new book coming next week from Rowan for Big Wool.
Big wool is a very popular yarn with designers and knitters alike. Made from soft 100% wool, Big Wool is easy to knit and produces designs with amazing cabling and stitch structure effects.
More quick to knit projects. The designs are knit on 9mm and 10mm needles.

The yard is finished and the temporary fence is up. The dogs are going to have fun running on the new grass tonight.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Golfing in winter?

This was sitting at the back door when I got home tonight. Who needs a putter in the middle of winter?

I'm not sure what happened to yesterday's post. I started it on my laptop and then finished at home on the computer. I didn't close it on my laptop (my bad) and hit something this morning. I think it changed the post from my finished version to the started version. If you saw this picture yesterday, sorry. It's not on yesterday's post now so I'm showing it today.

Lynn has joined the final colour into her Ombre Cowl Hood. I love her colours and can't wait to see it finished. Now I want to do another one. I'm thinking double strand of Kidsilk Haze Stripe.

The guys were at our house very early this morning to start on the yard. They started with an outline of the putting green.
The grass on the putting green is shorter than the regular grass. Just like on the golf course.
You can see how fuzzy the main yard is.
The back yard is being mowed. They take a special machine over it which takes out the fuzziness and makes the grass look like grass. Beth was too busy this afternoon putting to get a picture of it finished. I'll try and remember to get one in the morning.

I'm going to do a few rows on The Doodler before another early night. They are coming at 7:30 tomorrow morning to put up our temporary fence. Then Beth and the dogs can move back home.

Beth and I watched Sunday night's Homeland last night and you shouldn't knit while watching that show. You need to pay attention. After she got back to my parents I sent her a text saying that I messed up my knitting and had to rip out 4 rows. This was her response.
I need to get the cabled section finished and move on quickly or it might go in a bag in the corner because I am sick of ripping out. I'm just joking. Kind of.