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Friday, March 16, 2018

Salt Water Taffy

Ambah has a new pattern - meet Columbina (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Harlequin’s cheques dance across this alluring wrap knit in Circus Tonic Handmade’s yarn. Named after the romantic hero’s conniving mistress, Columbina begins and ends with a steady rhythm of easy garter rows, interrupted by a dramatic and entertaining crescendo of two-colour mosaic, and is embellished with a picot flourish. The perfect project for vibrant, high-contrast colours, the bias shawl comes in two sizes and is shaped only with simple increases and decreases, resulting in a spectacular and sophisticated accessory.
 There are two sizes for the shawl - both are knit in fingering weight yarn.

We have new Party of Five kits from SweetGeorgia.
The complimentary mix of Acai, Lupine, Bluebell, Ginger, and Auburn into the Blueberry Cobbler Party of Five set is both satisfying and sweet, decadent and comforting. The blend of cool purples into brown might really just make you want to lick your lips in anticipation. Each set contains five 105-yards mini skeins for a total of 525 yds / 480 m. Available only in Tough Love Sock (80% Superwash merino, 20% Nylon).
Wonderfully bright and deliciously colourful, our 2018 Candy Shop Party of Five set fills us with utter glee. Sourpuss, West Wind, Shoreline, Clementine, and Orchid are a happy-go-lucky combination that makes us, quite literally, feel like kids in a candy store. Each set contains five 105-yards mini skeins for a total of 525 yds / 480 m. Available only in Tough Love Sock (80% Superwash merino, 20% Nylon).
The 2018 Fairytale Party of Five set is the gradient of storybook legends. Stately, mysterious, and one you can’t put down. The dusky hues of Apricot, Lady Grey, Mulberry, Iris, and Marine blend into perfect drama. Each set contains five 105-yards mini skeins for a total of 525 yds / 480 m. Available only in Tough Love Sock (80% Superwash merino, 20% Nylon).
Let the vivid, sunny hues of the Salt Water Taffy Party of Five set take you right to the boardwalk where the sweet, chewy candy is made. Glacier, Melon, Lemon Curd, Grapefruit, and Peony blend perfectly into a light, creamy confection. Each set contains five 105-yards mini skeins for a total of 525 yds / 480 m. Available only in Tough Love Sock (80% Superwash merino, 20% Nylon).
This colourway is calling my name. So pretty. So Spring.

I knit Hitchhiker with one Party of Five kit on 3.75mm needles. It's an easy knit and a great scarf.

Winter Dawn can be knit with one Party of Five kit.

Curiosa is a brand new pattern that uses a Party of Five kit and a full skein of Tough Love Sock.
The shawl has an asymmetrical, elongated triangular shape that grows from one point toward the opposite side. It begins with a few stitches at one tip and is worked lengthwise on the bias. The first section is worked in broken rib. The middle section switches to tilting blocks, before finishing with a short block of more broken ribbing. Because this shawl is worked from one end to the other, the size of the shawl can be adjusted by working more or fewer rows of each section. 
I received an email from a customer this morning who is in Ireland for a vacation. While there she went to see Hedgehog Fibres. They started talking (she was wearing her Find Your Fade knit in Skinny Singles) and The Needle Emporium came up. Our order is the next in the dye queue. YAY! It should be here in time for the Frolic.

I looked at the calendar today and realized that our hours are going to be changing soon. At the beginning of April our hours will be

Tuesday - Friday 10-5:30
Saturday 10-4
Sunday - Monday Closed

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Shift

Andrea Mowry has a new pattern out and Alex has taken the yarn home to make it. She is going to email me pictures once she gets started.
Pattern: The Shift (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool
This cowl is the perfect all-the-time accessory! And the answer for all of those knitters out there who love to knit shawls, but have a hard time styling them. A fun and engaging knit with shifting colors, that looks like an asymmetrical triangle shawl, and it only takes a fiddle-free second to throw it on as the finish to every outfit!
We are using Pick Your Poison, Neveruary and Nostalgia for our sample.
Dyed In The Wool represents the fulfillment of our desire, here at Spincycle headquarters, to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. We found the perfect partners at a mill on Camano Island: a mother-daughter team who are meticulous and skilled and lovely! 
Through our collaboration, we are able to produce a yarn that maintains the color artistry of our original handspun product. Because we dye the fiber before it's spun, colors meet and part ways in stunning, unique combinations; the overall effect is of a balanced, seamless whole.

Alex and I picked some different colours that we think will produce an interesting cowl.
Melancholia, Swerve and Robin's Egg
Tell-Tale Heart, Grumpy Birds and Rusted Rainbow
Payback, Sunset Strip and Wallflower

I was so excited about the new yarn from Hedgehog that I forgot to mention something. Invisible Project Bags are back in stock,
The perfect project bag to show off your colourful skeins! Lightweight yet sturdy. Roomy enough for a larger project, it'll hold multiple balls of yarn easily. We think this is the best, most versatile project bag and it's a favourite of all of our staff. A cute notions pouch is a must! This bag is designed to stand up on it's own. Material: Transparent PVC. Easily cleaned with mild detergent. Not machine washable. Height: 37cm, Width: 28cm, Gusset: 10cm. Pointed gold coloured studs. Comes with a detachable laser etched perspex Hedgehog Fibres tag.
I've been sitting at my computer for the last hour trying to finish my post. I kept thinking that something would come to me. Instead I've been updating the website. It's time to hit Publish and head to bed. Ok, maybe a few more rows of knitting.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bags and Baskets

Mr. Canada Post brought in a fun box from Atenti this morning. These bags and baskets are made in the US and the workmanship is excellent!
The Atenti Amalfi Caddy - A geometric design printed on a heavy duck. This stand-alone, carry around organizer is perfect to store and keep handy all your tools and notions. It’s fully lined and has four outside and four inside pockets with an ample center well and anultra suede handle. 
This basket is 13"x7"x7". Perfect for carrying around your project. The price of the Caddy is $99.99.

I love the Hope Baskets. You can fold over the top to sit beside your chair or you can use it as a bag to carry around your knitting. The price of the Hope Basket is $115.99.
The Atenti Tea Rose Hope Basket- A roomy stand-alone project bag. Top rolls down for easy access. Wide opening and two handles. Fully lined in water our light tan water repellent taffeta. Inside are three pockets. 12" tall x 8" wide x 8" deep

Gloria brought in her Kinda Magic Sock today to show Lynn.

Tension is very important for the pattern to work. Gloria's is working great.

What makes these little kittens so special is that the pattern is all contained in just one magic ball of yarn, which rolls out to the perfect leopard print socks - the perfect way to step into 2018! 
Why it is for experienced sock knitters only: 
• Tension is super important in this pattern. - A small difference in tension could throw off the design! • No one person knits exactly the same way, so for the KINDA MAGIC SOCK YARN knitters might need a few chances to get the tension spot on. - So experiment until you’ve got it. • Once the knitter has figured out the correct tension, she can show off her socks knitting know-how by concentrating on becoming the ultimate knitting master.
  • • As a knitter new to socks knitting, you might want to get used to socks knitting techniques with one of our REGIA effects, where tension is not so important to receive the desired design. 
How to knit the KINDA MAGIC SOCKS:  
• This design only works with a cast on of 60 stitches. • The 80g ball is for socks in sizes 36 to 41. • This sock is worked from the cuff down, working as a tube, then one will add the heel in at the end. • The heel and toe are worked in the same way, making things a little easier. • To help the knitter further, the beginning of the yarn is marked with EASY START on the ball band. • And to help getting the correct tension, a small stripe section in stocking stitch is added. It is important that the stripe should be exactly 1 round of knitting, if it is longer than 1 round, the knitter should go up a needle size. If it is shorter than 1 round, you should go down a needle size. • Once in the main section, the knitter will see the leopard print spots appear as she works. If the leopard print design is leaning to the left, she is knitting too tightly, if they are leaning to the right she is knitting too loosely.
Alex finished her scarf - the Beginners Brioche Scarf (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
It turned out great. She used Freia Bulky in Cloud and tosh ASAP in Scout.

Starting Point is finished (thanks Alex for blocking it). I used Hedgehog Skinny Singles.

I wasn't sure as I was making it but now that it's finished I really like it.

Now it's time to knit. I cast on Squared last night and hope to get a few rows knit tonight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Mr. Roko had us up very early this morning. I got up and on my way to work - I was there before 8 and had a lot of fun playing with the Hedgehog.

We received two sets of Hedgehog Sock Minis in our order. There are 30 colours including 7 of the new colours.
-Park Life

The Kidsilk Lace in Pistachio is calling my name. The yarn has been photographed and added to the website.

Villian is pretty awesome too.
If these are too bright then you might like Juniper.

What am I going to make with Kidsilk Lace?
Triangular garter stitch shawl with an i-cord border. The striping is rather striking, especially using high contrast yarns. The shawl is quite sizeable and in the shlanket territory, but you will be adding width in sections and you can simply choose to stop adding sections at any time for a smaller shawl. Kidsilk Lace adds a wonderful fuzzy texture and a delicate translucent effect.
Baseline is a strong possibility. The pattern is free from Hedgehog Fibres.

Outline is another possibility.
I've made it twice and loved knitting it.

Then there is another option on the table - probably leaving out the green (Swamp) on the top left.
I might have Alex knit with the Kidsilk Lace and I'll make Squared.
Simple modular poncho design with an applied i-cord border. No need to pick up stitches all the way around, yay! You will be holding two strands of different colours for a marled effect. The poncho is knitted in sections that are attached as you go. Easy and fun project, incorporating lots of different colours of fingering weight, so go dive into that stash!
I went through some of my leftover Hedgehog Sock and might cast on tonight just to see if I like it :)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Home Again

I just walked in the door and found two pretty bags of yarn on the counter. The Hedgehog order arrived today and Beth picked up some skeins for me to see.

The Potlucks.
The brand new colour Anemone.
Kidsilk Lace. Oh my goodness. The colours are amazing! Take a look at the pattern called Birds of a Feather. It might be my next project. Or it might be Alex's.

Now it's time to put my feet up for an hour before bed. It's going to be a busy day in the store tomorrow.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Sunday

We had a great day today. Dad, Lucy and I have had a lot of fun. I’m sad to be leaving tomorrow but I’ll be happy to get home and back to work.

Good news - our Hedgehog order should be arriving in the store any day. It’s been released from Canada Customs and is with Canada Post. Maybe tomorrow but I’m guessing Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see the Kidsilk Lace.

My knitting is growing. A little.

I need to wind another skein before getting on the plane tomorrow. 

Now it’s bed time. Dad has been working at the church and wants to be out of the house at 8am. He’s making breakfast before he leaves so I need to be up. Did I mention that I need a vacation when I get home?