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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New bags

Something made me go to the Offhand Designs website and I'm glad that I did. There are new fabrics. And they're ready. Larisa just got the bags. She's doing her best to get them in the mail today and fingers crossed we will have them for the Frolic. I need these bags! They are awesome! I thought that I had enough bags but who are we kidding. Enough bags isn't in my vocabulary.

 Kazul Aurelia
Kazul Octavia
Arya Aurelia
 Arya Zeno
Arya Octavia

I carry my Arya every day to work. It's been my carry on bag a few times as well. I love the bag.
Today's colours of the super secret yarn.

The yarn arrived today. The box is HUGE. It is 4 feet tall. I wanted to cut it down but Beth wouldn't let me. I'm not sure what she's going to do with it. I have a feeling she might take it to her warehouse and make a fort with it. :)

The yarn is beautiful. I wanted to bring lots home with me but that would be greedy. I left it all. I'll pick mine after the Frolic.

Beth's yelling because Survivor has been taped and she wants to watch. I'm taking my time on purpose. Two things are taping upstairs which means that you can't watch regular TV. I want to watch the hockey game. If I take long enough down here writing then I can watch the end. It's been exciting so far.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was going back through posts to see what I've shown and what I haven't and I was really drawn to the black and white pictures. Here are a couple more.
Diana knit Jetstream for us. It took 2 skeins of the single ply fingering weight yarn.
Lorraine finished Color Craving. This was also knit in the single ply fingering weight - 3 skeins.

Now the decision. What colours to show today. I wasn't too sure about Winter Wheat when I saw it (I like brighter colours) but then I used it in a few different samples. It is great! A terrific accent colour. French Chambray - who doesn't like denim?

I purchased a pattern last night and it could be my next project. Ysolda's Follow Your Arrow Shawl. It is a really neat concept. When the pattern first came out it was a Knit A Long.
There are five clues, and every clue will come with two options either of which builds perfectly from whichever you choose previously. The result is 32 possible combinations – a really mysterious adventure. In addition, it has been designed to work equally well in a solid colour or in stripes of two colours and instructions for both options are included.

If you want some inspiration, take a look at finished shawls... If you want it to be a surprise then don't go here :)

I'm wondering if we should do this as a store KAL. Still pondering how this would work.

My car wasn't happy to be out this morning. The last few days have been beautiful and then snow. Warm up soon - please - I want to go golfing. I have a new driver that I want need to hit.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Truck of trunks

It's finally left and on it's way to us. There were many phone calls today and I'm a bit worked up but it's coming. It was supposed to be picked up on Friday but the driver showed up late and the company was closed. Anyway, all is good and I should be seeing it on Wednesday.
I'm going to show a couple of colours a day until the Frolic. You had to know that purple would be on day one. :)
Mom and dad have crossed the border. From what I understand the box of the truck is very full of trunks and suitcases. Beth said it was like a puzzle to make everything fit. They had out tape measures and made it work.
Beth just met them with groceries. There are suitcases and hat boxes inside of trunks. Clothes and other things as well.

My CustomFit cardigan soaking.
It's now lying out in my bathroom to dry. When it has dried out a bit more I will lie it out properly to block.

What am I knitting now? Clapotis in tosh pashmina worsted has come out of hiding. I really, really thought about starting another Color Play Mohair Wrap. The yarn came home with me but I decided to finish up some projects. It's a good thought and will last a few days. Then I will start something new. Why kid myself??

Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's still a secret

I decided that I'm going to share a bit about the new yarn today. It's a brand new company, I still can't share the name, but here are the 5 yarns.

1. A single ply, fingering weight, 100% superwash merino
338m/370 yards on a 100gram skein
Derecho was knit in this yarn.
1 skein each of 3 colours.

2. Merino wool and nylon blend fingering weight sock yarn
390m/425 yards on a 100gram skein

We used one skein to knit the Monkey socks.
3. A double knitting weight yarn
80% merino wool
20% silk
220m/240 yards on a 100gram skein
The Squish Me cap took 1 skein.

4. 100% Superwash Merino Wool
worsted weight
150m/164 yards in 100gram skein
The Elder Tree Shawl took 5 skeins

5. Sport weight
75% merino wool
15% silk
10% cashmere
290m/317 yards on 100 grams skein
Ishbel took 2 skeins.

I like to be prepared and it's a good thing. The yarn was supposed to be picked up on Friday and delivered tomorrow. Something happened and they didn't pick it up. The trucking company said tomorrow and I should have it on Wednesday. Thank goodness we didn't wait until the last minute:)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


There are two new colours of Liberty from Classic Elite. We should have them in the store next week. If you feel like skipping knitting for the summer and want to start getting ready for fall, here are two cardigans for you.

Deep Rib Cardigan
This cardigan is worked from the top down with back and fronts are worked separately to underarm then joined so remainder of body is worked in one piece to lower edge. Stitches are picked up around each armhole to work the sleeve in the round and the sleeve cap is shaped with short rows.

Raglan Cardigan
A stockinette stitch raglan cardigan with center panels, on both front and back, worked from side to side in garter stitch.
These patterns are free with yarn purchase and exclusively available from LYS’s participating in the Liberty Wool subscription program from Classic Elite Yarns (which we do). In May, these patterns will be available for purchase as a PDF on Ravelry. 

7872 Teal Chameleon
7873 Rosy Delight

What a beautiful day. There is a small part of me that keeps saying 'close the store and go play'. No sweater today. No socks. Is spring finally here? Apparently not because it's going to get cold again on Tuesday but I'll take it while we can get it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

CustomFit Cardigan

The first sleeve of my CustomFit cardigan is done. I put it out on the deck and Melo came running over. He laid down wanting in on the pictures.

These pictures came through this morning.

Beth and the guys went golfing on Wednesday morning. She knit in the car on the way there. Carl thought he would try his hand at knitting too.

Beth's Master's ticket.

Dad napping in the sun room this morning. The table was being delivered and they were waiting.

We had more pillows made for the room. I'm glad that we did. I think the room needs lots of them.
The table arrived. It looks small but Beth assures me that it isn't. The room is really big. Now the chairs. When I see how much room is left I'm thinking big wicker chairs.

Beth hasn't been to Myrtle Beach since the room was finished. She was very excited. She says that a fridge and TV will complete the room. Then she will never have to leave it. She loves to do puzzles and the table is perfect.

I've been at home for part of the afternoon with the dogs. OK, looking after the dogs and watching golf. I did get some work done. The super secret yarn has been added to the back end of the website. It will go live the day of the Frolic.

Beth is home and the dogs are happy. I'm happy because I will only have one dog in bed tonight. Roko lies right against me and I can kick and move and he won't budge.

If I'm going to get my sleeve done tonight then I had better sign off and move to the couch.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today's colour is green

It's Masters weekend. I'm at home letting the dogs out because Beth is away for a few days. She flew to Myrtle on Monday. Last night Dad and Beth drove to within an hour of Augusta and headed out at 5am for the course. They are there for the day. My mom gave it to my dad for their 50th wedding anniversary present. I was supposed to go too but someone had to hold the fort down here and look after the dogs. Beth would enjoy it more than me so I told her to go. She didn't think long before agreeing. :)
I'm watching online until the coverage comes on TV. These are some pictures from my iPad. It looks beautiful.

Beth called about an hour ago from the course. You aren't allowed to bring in cell phones so I didn't think that I would hear from them until they were in the truck tonight heading back to Myrtle. AT&T has phones all over the course. And it's free.

 She said that dad is in his glory!!

We should have some green yarn content in the post. Here is one of Lorna's Laces new colours for spring.

Glen Ellyn

I just got off the phone from madelinetosh. More yarn will be leaving there in 2 weeks and should be here in 4 weeks.
-merino light
-merino dk

Unfortunately this isn't the shipment with the new colours. That should be about 2 weeks after this one.

Are you a member of the DKC? I just read this on their Facebook page.

April, May and June meetings will take place at Claude Bissell building, just across Sussex Street from Innis College.
Walking south on St. George from Bloor, cross Sussex Street and walk to the entrance of the Robarts Library. From there, follow the signs to meeting room 205 on the second floor,
There is a ramp entrance on Sussex street, on the west end of the Bissell building. There will be numerous signs and greeters to orient you the night of the meeting. It sounds complicated, but this complete UofT virgin went and checked yesterday and it is easy as pie.
See you there!

I'm back in the store for Nadine's class. I talked to Beth and they are heading back to Myrtle. They had a great time. Something tells me that this might become an annual event for them. Beth said that Augusta was the best place on earth. A beer, pop and 2 sandwiches cost them $8. Yes, eight not the thirty or forty you would pay at other events. There were no lines. So many people were working that they never had to wait for food, to buy shirts and hats (and from what I understand dad and Beth bought lots of those) or the washrooms.

Sleeve one of my cardigan is done and the second is just past the edging. I'm going to knit for an hour while Nadine teaches. My goal is to be blocking the pieces on Saturday.