Scarf Yarns

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Spring Cleaning

There are many new yarns coming for spring. Small problem - we need room in the store. The solution - we're marking down some bulky yarns.

The Thick 'n' Thin feature of the yarn gives the knitted fabric a unique textured finish, made from 100% wool this fashion yarn is ideal for winter accessories, but will equally add definition to any knitted sweater.
Regular $9.99 a ball

Sale $6.99 a ball

See what we have in stock - don't delay because once it's sold we won't have any more until next fall.

A free pattern from Rowan - Lassan
Knit this accessory cowl, available as a free pattern to download. Designed by Heike Kruessel using the beautiful yarn Thick 'n' Thin (wool), this ribbed cowl can be knitted as either a narrow or wide version.
Keep checking back - we have more yarns to clear out.

Speaking of new yarn
The yarn is called Degrade.
100% wool made in Italy
120m on a 200gram skein

I quickly made a cowl over the weekend.
One skein and 15mm needles. We put a twist in the cowl for a different look. The pattern will be written up tonight and we will give it to you with the purchase of a skein of Degrade.

I'm almost finished another shawl. Very close. Lynn is actually casting it off right now. Why? To make her sit down and rest for a minute. She's been on the go since 10am and won't sit down unless you make her. The second reason - I'm teaching her a new cast off.

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off as explained by Ysolda Teague - watch the video. A great edge for a shawl - it is stretchy so when you block the shawl you don't have a cast off edge that is pulled too tight. Lynn has almost finished the cast off and exclaimed that she has enjoyed doing it. It doesn't take any more time than a regular cast off.
Pattern: Auburn Wave
Yarn: 2 skeins of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single
Needles: 4mm
Remember my Resolution
-I am going to knit 4 garments this year
-every month I am going to finish a project that has been started and sitting around the house

Auburn Wave is the second project that I finished in January so I'm holding it over until February :)

Oh yeah - a finished project so I get to start something new. I'm waiting a few days for a box to arrive from Prism.

Monday, January 26, 2015


My morning drive. It was snowing like crazy in Ancaster. There was at least 2cm of snow on the ground when I got to the store. Wilson Street is a parking lot because the highway is a parking lot.

That picture was taken at 9:30. It's now 10:40 and the snow has stopped and the sun is out. Come on weather. Make up your mind. Snow or not but don't keep changing all day.

I haven't been paying too much attention to what is happening outside - it's 11:40 and snowing again. What a crazy day. At least I (and hopefully you) don't live on the east coast of the US. They are getting ready for one heck of a storm. Think of the knitting we could accomplish if we were snowed in for a few days.

To get you thinking about spring, here are the pretty new colours that Lorna's Laces is bringing out in a few weeks.

I'm home from work. I ducked out an hour early. The snow is still coming down in Ancaster and the roads are not very nice. Glad I made it home while it was still light out. It's knitting time. I started a new series yesterday on Netflix - Bones. Not too much thinking. Great knitting TV. I'm almost finished another project. Hopefully tonight.

If you are out on the roads, please be safe.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Zen Yarn Garden

I've been knitting with yarn from Zen Yarn Garden and I'm excited about new colours that I saw at TNNA. Here are some of the great colours coming soon in Serenity Glitter Sock
Serenity Glitter Sock: 80% Superwash Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Sparkling Nylon 
3-Ply Fingering Weight | Approx. 400 yards (100 g)

The yarns from Zen Yarn Garden are made in Canada and dyed in Canada.
 Coast Guard
 Lake Mist

Two skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock will make the Plank Stole. One skein will make a scarf version. When I went to Ravelry to get a link to the pattern I found a link to a video on 5 different ways to wear the Plank Stole.


Of course I did some searching on Ravelry. Roxanne (from Zen Yarn Garden) knit a great shawl. She said that I could use her pictures as long as I gave credit to Gail Zucker - she took the awesome photos.
Pattern: Point of View (purchased on Ravelry)

Worked sideways, this asymmetrical-triangle shawl is shaped with short rows. It features seed stitch sections in a contrasting color. 
You’ll need about 400 yds for the main color and about 260 for the contrasting color. 
Finished Measurements: 61” wide (across top edge), 22” deep

Quick, finish up a few of the projects that you have hidden under the couch so you can start something new when the yarn arrives. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

For every project you finish...

Cathy dropped by this morning wearing her Techincolor Cowl. She says that it is one of her favourite cowls to wear.

She didn't want her picture taken so I promised to cut off her head. I'm bad at taking pictures but not that bad - it was planned :)

We picked out colours for her to knit another one. I can't wait to see it finished.

Rebecca and her husband were in with cans for the food drive. 48 cans of soup and 10 juice boxes. She is very serious about winning! Thank you for the awesome donation.

Thank you to Dalia and Michael for the huge basket of cans. It was the end of the day and I didn't get a picture but everyone is taking this seriously. Thanks!!

What have I been working on? I'm finishing up an Auburn Wave that has been almost finished for a while.
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single - 2 skeins in Botanical. The cool thing about Zen Yarn Gardens is that their yarns are made and dyed in Canada.

Remember, for every project that you finish you get to start two new ones. Yes, you can quote me on that :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

National Sweater Day

From the WWF website...
Since 2010, over a million Canadians have participated in National Sweater Day. Be sure to follow our blog for tips and stories as fellow knit-clad Canadians celebrate across the country.  
National Sweater Day is a fun way to learn about the importance of saving energy, and inspired you to use less heat all winter. Heating accounts for 80% of residential energy use in Canada, and is a significant source of emissions. If all Canadians lowered their thermostats by just 2 degrees Celsius this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 megatons – equivalent to shutting down a 600 mega watt coal-fired power station.
This morning Beth and I went through the new house.

 The tile in my shower is finished.
The floor is down. They just finished it and were trying to wash it when we came in. Hence the footprints in the next picture.

 Going up the stairs.

What happens when you forget to bring knitting to work?
I cast on another CustomFit cardigan. Bella Lino from Classic Elite held double. This is the same cardigan that I wore at TNNA and I love it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mini Skeins

We received a happy box from Dream in Color today. More Classy Mini Skeins to knit the Technicolor Cowl.
With its 100% superwash merino base and just the right amount of twist, Classy is the quintessential worsted-weight yarn. The fiber content, combined with our unique dyeing process, gives Classy its deep and lushly-shaded tones, while the plied texture lends crisp stitch definition to everything from lace to cables.

Lynn and I spent some time making up kits. I know that you aren't supposed to be proud of yourself but I must say that I put together some great colour combinations. Totally different than kits that we made in the past. It was hard to walk out of the store without one of the kits. Maybe my weekend knitting :)

The basket of food for the Food Drive is starting to fill.